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Contemporary Ceramics – Made in the U.K


Visually stunning sculptures with a story to tell from Paula Armstrong Contemporary Ceramics.

Honouring Nature

Celebrating Creation and the Power of Potential

Inspired by the natural world 

Pushing the boundaries of clay

“I love clay and the infinite possibilities that it holds.  It draws me, from the feel of it as I handle it, to the patience and respect it requires to become.  For me, it’s the perfect medium to express myself and the stories I want to tell.”     Paula Armstrong

This is incredible. I love it. Amazingly detailed. Evokes feelings of power and fragility simultaniously.”

Vivien Sabel, 2020

Paula offers great classes and workshops for children and adults, excellent guidance and lots of space to explore and mess about. Highly recommended!

Nikki Kindersley, Sept 2019

You can also see my work at:

As well as at my studio in Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire, UK and online in the  Cambridge Ceramics gallery and Art in East Anglia website my work will be exhibited as part of the ‘Inside Outside’ exhibition at Art@One, Hemingford Grey 9-15th March and the Spring Exhibition at AKA Contemprary, Cambridge 15th March – 13th April 2024. I then have work in the Wisbech Art Gallery ‘Why do we celebrate women artists?’ exhibition 15 April-18 May as well as the Church Full of Art event in Fenstanton on 18 & 19 May.

2024 Events

Shop drop – flowers & hearts            7 February

Open Studios                                            10am-5pm 6&7, 20&21 July weekends

10 year celebrations                                        September

Festive shopping open studio            11am – 4pm 16th November

Gallery 4% Distinction
CorporateLive global awards winner

For any home makers I also hire out my kilns for firing.  You can either put a piece in with one of my regular firings (1000C & 1200C) for £3 a piece (max 15cm) or fill the kiln for £35 a firing.  I can fire larger pieces but these will need to be negotiated on an individual basis depending on what is needed and size.

Get in touch to find out more!

Looking for a new kiln or wheel?  Have a look at

They are an online store selling pottery and ceramics supplies in the UK.

For all my kiln mainteance and repairs I use Corby Kilns and would highly recommend them.

Thay also have an online store for clay, glazes, kilns, wheels, tools and more.

Pottery vs Ceramics

You may notice on my website that I don’t use the term pottery.  I tend to use ceramics instead and this is a very conscious choice.  I feel like pottery is a misleading term for me and my work and I want to avoid any confusion. When I say pottery, like many, I think of a potter sitting at a wheel throwing pots and this isn’t how I work.  In fact, traditional pottery is probably the opposite of how I work.  Whereas a potter will make beautifully crafted multiples of functional pieces like bowls, mugs and plates, I use clay to build one-off pieces that subvert this tradition of function.  If I make a bowl the interior is adorned with textured sprig moulded decoration that fills the space that could be used turning the bowl into a sculpture.  My work is all about the story it tells rather than the function it fulfils.