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About Me

I’d like to share a little about me with you. I passionately believe that everyone has the ability to be creative and love teaching because of this. I get a kick out of seeing students’ faces light up when they see a piece they made fresh from the kiln that they love, especially when they weren’t expecting it to work. I have heard too many people say, “I envy you. I’m just not creative.” including some students when they first arrive. Being creative doesn’t mean being good at art and craft. It’s soooo much broader than that (but I won’t go into that here!).

For myself I love trying new techniques and pushing clay to its limits. I often get asked, “how did you make that?” even by fellow ceramicists. The infinite possibilities of clay as a medium appeals to my need to constantly evolve my work and my love of learning and challenging myself . Teaching adds another layer to that.


“Being creative doesn’t mean being good at art and craft.”

 Paula Armstrong

I’ve been making ceramic sculpture for over 20 years and love to create work that speaks to the viewer. I aim to make distinctive one-off pieces that tell a story and draw the viewer in. I’m a firm believer that each piece speaks differently to different people and I love that. The conversations individuals have with a piece is why it calls them. The emotions, memories and associations brought to the fore are what brings a sculpture to life and reflects something of the viewer. When a piece connects on this level to find it’s new home, it makes my artists heart very happy.

I always wanted to be an artist and as soon as I touched clay for the first time in school I fell in love. In those early school days I pretty much had the ceramics studio to myself and learnt mostly by failing and trying again but I was so enamoured with it I went on to do my degree specialising in ceramics. Since completing my degree I’ve had an eclectic career in the arts from running community arts projects to working in arts development in local councils but clay has always been a constant throughout.


About Me Paula Armstrong Cambridgeshire Ceramics

I work from my ceramic studio in the Cambridgeshire village of Fenstanton. It’s a fabulous space that I’m grateful for as it has plenty of room for teaching classes and workshops where I can share my love of clay. I’m really proud to be able to say that in the last six years I’ve had more than seven students feel confident enough to set up their own home studios. I’ve recently started creating video workshops and finding that I really enjoy it! With the online courses I can share my knowledge and passion with viewers all around the world and hopefully inspire even more people to make their mark with clay.

I’m also a member of Anglian Potters and the CPA (Craft Potters Association).

You can find out more about me and my love of clay on these pages, The story behind my work and How my work is made.