Comparing hand creams

We all know that clay dries out the skin on your hands and I always recommend people have hand cream on hand when starting out in clay but I haven’t really tried out different brands to see what I think is best….so I thought doing a blog comparing hand creams could be fun!

There are literally hundreds of different hand creams out there so to start, I figured the first thing I should do is put some boundaries in place to make this feasible.  I decided I was going to use Amazon to buy the hand creams from and that I would spend £25 maximum for one.  From here I went onto and searched for hand cream then sorted by average customer review to find the highest ranking (4.7 and above) hand creams.  I then selected the Amazon Choice selection (O’Keefe’s) and 5 others, making 6 in total.  I picked one at the top of the price range, two well known beauty brands, two that stated they were vegan, and one from a small an effort to get variety.

Below are the details for each of the hand creams I’m reviewing followed by my thoughts and experiences for each.  It is very much a personal opinion and I know hand creams are very subjective with skin types and how much studio time we each spend having a major impact.  This was a bit of fun that I hope you find useful and would really love to hear from you if you have a favourite brand!

Each review also includes a link to find that product on Amazon and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases if you follow these links.

Clarins – Hand & Nail Treatment Cream 100ml  

A smooth creamy hand cream that is said to also target age spots.  This one appealed to many of the older members at the studio to try and most agreed that it soaked in well and left skin feeling soft.  It was appreciated that it also helped with nails too.  It left a coating for time but it wasn’t unpleasant or slippery.  There was some debate about the smell.  It was more clinical than some of the more natural smelling hand creams but not unpleasant.  At 100ml it’s also a slightly larger tube although the cost is higher overall.

If you like Clarins I think this would work for you but as a high use hand cream for a studio potter I think this one is probably not as good as the others as you would need to apply it often.

L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Hand Cream 150ml  

This one was very popular in the studio with many members saying they love the brand.  It was a thick cream so it was easy not to squeeze out more than you needed and you only needed a small amount as it went a long way.  Being so thick it spread well but did take some time to soak in and left a bit of residue for a time but again, it wasn’t unpleasant or slippery.  The most distinctive aspect of this hand cream I felt was the smell.  It was quite strong and it lasted for a very long time!  It wasn’t a bad smell but this seemed to be something that people either liked or hated.  For me, it was too much but others loved it.  This is one of the most costly of the creams I tried but you also get twice as much so the true price difference is less than it seems on first glimpse.

If you like the smell, this could be a good studio hand cream as it would last well, even with multiple applications.

Di Palomo – Wild Fig & Grape – Hand & Nail Cream – 75ml   ✨✨

Ok, I’m going to admit it straight off, this one was my favourite!  It’s by a small business selling on Amazon and has a smooth creamy consistency.  It soaks in quickly and well without leaving a residue.  It smells lovely with a light grape aroma and just overall felt nice to use.  It’s a smaller tube but the packaging is pretty and some members commented that it would make a great gift for a potter (or a gardener!), certainly they’d enjoy receiving it as a gift.

This would be a gorgeous studio hand cream as you could apply and get back to the clay quickly or simply enjoy the fresh scent after you’ve finished.  I’ll certainly buy it again 😊

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands, 96g Jar – Hand Cream for Extremely Dry, Cracked Hands   

This one was the Amazon choice selection and quite different to the others.  It’s a solid cream that softens as you apply it and rub it in.  It soaks in well and leaves a barrier on your skin for future protection.  The barrier isn’t unpleasant or sticky so you can continue but I’m not sure whether it would affect clay if you handled it after applying the cream…  This one has no scent and is especially for very dry and cracked hands and it felt like it would work well for that.  I think I would keep a pot of this in the studio for the days when I needed a bit of extra care with very dry skin or the end of the studio day, alongside another for more frequent use.

This one would be a great studio hand cream if the clay really dries out your skin.

lavera Basis Sensitive Hand Cream – Certified Natural Cosmetics – Vegan – Organic Aloe Vera & Organic Shea Butter – 75 ml   

I liked the idea of this one with both aloe vera and shea butter.  It was a smooth creamy texture that you could easily squeeze a bit much out of the tube.  It soaked in ok but left a bit of a residue that felt a bit sticky for a few minutes, enough that I didn’t want to do anything for a few minutes while it dried off.  The smell was quite strong although a pleasant natural scent and it wore off fairly quickly.  It did leave my hands feeling soft but it wasn’t my favourite because of the residue.

Lindesa Hand and Skin Protection Cream 75 ml

This one had a smooth creamy texture that was easy to squeeze from the tube.  The smell was ok, not unpleasant but not particularly appealing either.  It took a bit longer to soak in and left a barrier that for me felt a bit sticky and waxy.  It did soak in after a while but I would be afraid to touch any clay until it did because of the feeling of residue.  It did leave my skin nice and soft and hydrated well and I know some swear by this for very dry skin so maybe my skin wasn’t dry enough to feel the full benefit…

Overall I’d say any of these hand creams would make good studio hand creams depending on personal preference for how long it takes to soak in, whether you like the barrier left behind and how well the smell appeals.  For me, I’d choose the Di Palomo Fig & Grape for using as I work with the O’Keeffes Working Hands to use as I leave the studio for deeper hydration.

You can see my video review for more information.