Have you thought about gifting an experience rather than an object to keep?

As we near the festive season I’m working on getting my online shop in the best shape it can be and it prompted a conversation with colleagues the other day about gift vouchers and gifting an experience rather than an object.

Personally I’m all for this and most of my wish list is now made up of experiences from crafts workshops to spa treatments. I’m in the very fortunate position to say that I really don’t need any more things to clutter up my house so gifting an experience to share memories, learn new skills and just generally take time out of the day to day hustle and bustle is perfect for me 😊 But… I also find some people are reluctant to give an experience and prefer to give an object so I make sure there’s always things on my wish list that they would feel comfortable giving.

I’ve taken this same principle and applied it to my website shop, making sure there’s a good mix of ceramic pieces for the home (from my distinctive contemporary sculptures to cute little festive ornaments) as well as a range of workshops, experiences and classes for all to enjoy making in clay. I’ve been working to make sure I have both in person options for those nearby and, new in this last year or so, online options with video workshops and coming very soon zoom experience packages. I am also always happy to create a bespoke experience if you can’t find something that fits your needs. I love the chance to create something that is special to you 😍

When chatting about gift vouchers it was said that vouchers for specific things or experiences are now way more popular than monetary vouchers. People see vouchers for a specific amount of money as being the same as just putting money in an envelope. While I get this and personally do sit in the specific voucher camp, I can also see the benefits of the monetary voucher option especially when gifting art. It’s such a personal thing, choosing a piece of art for your home, that it can be exceedingly difficult to do except for your closest family and friends.

I currently have gift vouchers for monetary amounts that will stay for anyone who is unsure exactly what the recipient would like but are sure they would love something from Paula Armstrong Ceramics but I will soon be adding vouchers for specific experiences, workshops and more to make is easier to gift a experience perfect for your recipient.

Which do you prefer as a recipient and/or as a giver? Or does it just always depend on who the gift is for? I’d love to hear what you think 😄

You can find all my gift options in the shop and, if you want to see more about what happens in the studio, you can visit my Facebook page.

Process vs outcome
Gifting an experience of hand building in clay for beginners and the more experienced.