Ceramic decorating techniques

Ceramic decorating techniques

This group of videos explore different ceramic decorating techniques including using coloured slips for trailing and sgraffito, brush on glazing and wax resist, using oxides under glazes and for washes as well as using underglazes to paint on ceramics.  Each video is a demonstration with step by step instruction as you go through the process.

There are many decorating techniques for clay and every ceramicist will have their own way of using the various different mediums to get the finish that they want,  These videos give you the basics for each medium so that you can then confidently explore with them to find your favourite finish to use.

If you have any questions as you go through the videos you can contact me (by email or Facebook messenger) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can in office hours with an answer.

If you would like to explore each of these techniques you will need:

  • a base form in clay to decorate
  • coloured decorating slips
  • oxide
  • sponge
  • gloves (rubber/latex/etc)
  • wax for resist (either emulsion or a candle/crayon)
  • brush on glaze
  • underglaze colours
  • paint brush

You can buy all of these online from a variety of suppliers.  If you have any trouble finding what you need please get in touch and I’ll help out however I can.

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Lauren McBeath Jan 2021

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