Fibonacci in nature sculpture


Large Fibonacci in nature inspired ceramic sculpture

This showcase sculpture is a visually stunning piece that would make a great focal point in any room. Each piece is individually made making it a unique way to express your sense of style helping to create a distinctive space that is truly yours.

Made by hand this highly tactile showcase piece celebrates the potential inside all living things with an intricate world inside that draws people in. A large indoor sculpture with a world of colouful porcelain triangles spiralling inside to create a interior space inspired by the fibonacci sequence. The outside is robust with a highly textured glaze while the inside is intricately decorated and fragile.

Made from stoneware clays and decorated with coloured slips inside and a textured lava glaze on the outside.

Dimensions: 33cm h x 39cm w x 40cm d

This piece is part of my Potential Inside collection which is inspired by the amazing potential inside all living things including seed pods as well as humans and animals for creation and birth. It started from the Buddhist artform of Enso that incorporates the whole world and the void from which it came in the simple form of a circle. I liked the idea of the void inside having the potential to create everything. It is a celebration of creation and the potential within all living things.

Find out more about the story behind my work here.

Paula is also a member of Anglian Potters.


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