Flowers workshop

Inspired by the natural beauty of flowers and plants this flowers workshop is all about exploring ways to make clay into gorgeous floral sculptures.

Flowers and plants are the inspiration for many an artwork but it can be tricky to capture their delicacy and life in clay.  During this relaxing 2 hour workshop I will share some tips and techniques for turning mud into beautiful flowers that will last forever.  I’ll show you what you need to consider when approaching a new flower that you’d like to make as well as some practical techniques for ensuring your petals look realistic with a sense of movement and life.

At the end of the workshop you will have a set of small flowers which we will attach to a tile to make a piece of floral wall art.

The workshop will be 10am – 12pm on Saturday 20th April and pieces made will be finished in a single colour celadon glaze.

“What I loved about your classes from day one is your relaxed and casual yet thorough approach to teaching someone about working with clay. I think the very supportive and positive environment you’ve created in your classes is an important feature to highlight. I’ve (also) really appreciated your flexibility around the workings of your studio, particularly during the pandemic.”

Lauren McBeath Jan 2021

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