Garden focal piece workshop

Make a ceramic garden focal piece workshop

This workshop offers you a full weekend to make your own large, hand built piece to make the perfect focal piece for your garden. Two days of making to create a large piece for your garden, sculpture, bird bath, ceramic ‘totem’ stack or anything else you can imagine!

Saturday 22nd July 10am – 3pm & Sunday 23rd July 12:30-5:30pm  (lunch is not provided)

Using a strong hand building clay to hand build a large piece in sections that will join together after they have been fired and finished.  My big front loading kiln gives you plenty of room to make big, especially when we build in sections.  We can use slab building, coiling, a mixture of both or formers and moulds to create the base forms that we then manipulate and decorate to create your finished piece.

There will be another half day session for glazing once everything has been bisque fired.  This will be a few weeks later as large builds take longer to dry and I can’t fit so much in the kiln at once so it will take more firings to get everything ready for glazing.  We’ll set this date at the workshop so please bring your diary with you on the Sunday.

Although beginners can attend I would suggest it would be a good idea to have some clay making experience for this workshop.

“What I loved about your classes from day one is your relaxed and casual yet thorough approach to teaching someone about working with clay. I think the very supportive and positive environment you’ve created in your classes is an important feature to highlight. I’ve (also) really appreciated your flexibility around the workings of your studio, particularly during the pandemic.”

Lauren McBeath Jan 2021

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