Kintsugi at home kit

Want to try kintsugi at home?  Here’s the kit for you!

Do you have a broken piece of pottery or ceramic that you’d like to fix?  Have you seen the repairs with gold cracks?

That’s called Kintsugi and it is a traditional Japanese technique to repair broken ceramics using traditional materials and powdered gold, silver or platinum to highlight the repair.  The philosophy honours the repair as part of the history of the piece, building on its story, rather than working to disguise an imperfection. Kintsugi finds beauty in the imperfect.

The video shows you how to repair broken pottery or ceramics with gold highlighted repairs, in the style of Kintsugi, using modern materials including epoxy glue and gold mica powder.  It’s perfect for beginners and no experience is necessary.

What’s included in the kit:

·         Epoxy glue

·         Gold mica powder

·         A small pot to mix the glue in

·         A tool to mix and apply the glue

·         A tool with a point end or old big needle

·         Uncooked rice and a sock to use for support

·         A link to a step by step video of how to do kintsugi.

Although it depends on the size of the piece and the amount of cracks to be repaired, generally there is enough in the kit for two people to repair at least one piece each.

Please make sure you do your kintsugi in a well-ventilated area as the glue fumes may not be good for you.  Pieces repaired in this way are no longer functional as the epoxy glue is not food safe.

It would be great to see your kintsugi pieces!  If you post on social media you can tag me @paula.armstrong2 on instagram or @PArmstrongCeramics on Facebook.