Make a ceramic wreath

Make a ceramic wreath

Tis video has step by step instructions on how to make a ceramic wreath with delicate poinsettia, holly, pine cone and ribbon.  This beautiful wreath is a perfect Christmas or festival decoration.

In this video I make the wreath from stoneware clay that will be fired and glazed to finish it but the skills can also be used for air drying clays as well if you don’t have access to a kiln.

You will need clay, rolling pin, modelling tools and optional cutters.

“What I loved about your classes from day one is your relaxed and casual yet thorough approach to teaching someone about working with clay. I think the very supportive and positive environment you’ve created in your classes is an important feature to highlight. I’ve (also) really appreciated your flexibility around the workings of your studio, particularly during the pandemic.”

Lauren McBeath Jan 2021

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I hope you enjoy!

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