Mini Pods

Mini pods sculptures

These are small pods with decorated interiors that make the perfect handfuls of ceramic!

Inspired by the potential inside all living things these pods are filled with textures and patterns inspired by nature and all her beauty.

Made from stoneware clay and decorated with glazes and textures inside, and a neutral or textured lava glaze on the outside.

Dimensions vary but are around 7-9cm tall. I have more photos of each if you’d like to see more of a particular mini pod or am happy to do a video call for a more 360degree view.

Mini Pods available are:

  • lava glaze outside with green glaze inside and white ‘leaves’
  • rustic red glaze outside with bright yellow glaze inside with flower pattern discs
  • Mottled, matt green glaze outside and glossy purple glaze inside with white ‘barnacles’
  • Mottled, matt green glaze outside with bright red glaze inside with a white rose and broken petal inside
  • Lava glaze outside with glossy, mottled green glaze inside with white, textured discs
  • Rustic red glaze outside with turquoise drips and matt turquoise glaze inside with white dots and circle pattern

These pieces are part of my Potential Inside collection which is inspired by the amazing potential inside all living things including seed pods as well as humans and animals for creation and birth. It encourages the viewer to look beyond the surface to see the true beauty inside and is a celebration of creation and the potential within all living things.  Find out more about how I make my work here.

Paula is also on the Crafts Council Directory.