Raku decorations

Colourful raku decorations for your tree

These simple flat shapes are raku fired with colourful glazes make fabulous festive decorations, perfect for any tree!

There are one of each set available.  The sets are:

  • 3 yellow stars
  • 3 white hearts
  • 3 white stars
  • 3 red hearts
  • 4 turquoise and white striped circles
  • 3 textured turquoise square diamonds
  • 3 textured blue square diamonds
  • 3 blue and white resist circles
  • 3 red and white resist circles
  • 2 red and green stars
  • 3 turquoise stars with dark edges

Dimensions: Stars 7.5cm  Hearts 7.5cm tall x 7cm wide  Circles 6.5cm diameter Square 5.5cm

All sets come will come with gold string to hang them.  The reverse of each decoration has a smokey colour from the raku firing.



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