Spiral caged wall sculpture

A wall sculpture with a beautiful organic form growing inside its spiral cage almost ready to break through.

A beautiful and unusual focal piece for any room that attracts the eye and encourages the viewer to look closer to see the inner beauty.  This visually stunning sculpture makes a statement on any wall and celebrates the potential inside all living things.  It pays to get up close with this one as the details are gorgeous.

Made from stoneware clays and decorated with a satin matt glaze outside and coloured slips and oxide inside.

Dimensions: 16.5cm w x 13cm d x 16.5cm h

This piece is part of my Potential Inside collection which is inspired by the amazing potential inside all living things including seed pods as well as humans and animals for creation and birth. It encourages the viewer to look beyond the surface to see the true beauty inside and is a celebration of creation and the potential within all living things.

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Paula is also on the Crafts Council Directory.


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