Zoom Ceramics Course For Beginners

Online Ceramics Course For Beginners

Paula teaches this zoom ceramics course for beginners over 10 Tuesday evenings, 7pm-8:30. During the course you will learn all the basics of working with clay.  You will begin by learning the three main clay hand building techniques (pinch pots, slab building and coiling) and exploring surface textures for decoration. You will then learn about glazes and glazing techniques as well as other decorative finishes such as oxides and underglazes.

By the end of the course you should have at least four pieces (one for each of the techniques and one of your own choosing) of your own hand made ceramics to take home and share with family and friends.

“As a teacher I don’t like to stifle my students’ creativity by restricting what they can make so, once the technique builds are done to learn the specifics of each technique, rather than tell students what they can make, I prefer to help and guide them individually to make what they want to make. I encourage self expression and creative exploration but offer all the support needed along the way to build confidence.”

Paula Armstrong

The course includes 10 zoom sessions where I’ll demonstrate step by step each technique the same as I do in the studio and support you virtually as you copy, learn and play with clay.  You will need to provide your own materials and have/arrange access to a kiln although links to helpful resources will be shared to get you started.  You will also be part of a class whatsapp group to provide support and answers between lessons if needed.

“What I loved about your classes from day one is your relaxed and casual yet thorough approach to teaching someone about working with clay. I think the very supportive and positive environment you’ve created in your classes is an important feature to highlight. I’ve (also) really appreciated your flexibility around the workings of your studio, particularly during the pandemic.”

Lauren McBeath Jan 2021

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